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Risk management and training 


Tiefenthaler Consulting  will conduct a contractual competency assessment  across all departments of the client and design and implement  training which addresses found deficiencies. Our many years of experience with construction, engineering and mining disputes have allowed us to develop training programmes that are pragmatic, personalised, interactive and  memorable.  It has been used for standard and bespoke agreements to master contractual understanding and detect risk 

Mediation services

Mediation is proving to be a  very popular ' first port ' avenue for  resolving construction disputes word wide. In comparison to traditional adjudicative  processes  it is less expensive, time consuming and generally more beneficial to the  preservation of the parties' relationship. 



Tiefenthaler Consulting have over the last 22 years serviced some of the most prominent companies in the mining and construction industries globally. Click 'more info' to get a list of a few  prominent  clients serviced by the firm.