Risk management and training 

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The most important resource a company has are its people. Generally, time constraints associated with construction and engineering projects dictate that decisions will very often have to be made on the spot with little time to ponder ​about alternatives and consequences. This, combined with the stringent time bars of typical construction and engineering contracts make it imperative for people to be at their best and well equipped to handle tough contractual situations. It is our aim to get them there!


Our perspective of risk management comprises risk identification, solution design and training. Unlike typical  training programmes offered in the industry, our training is specific and tailor-made to the clients requirements and we are extensively involved in assessing the competency levels of clients' employees and determining their areas of need before commencing with training. This would extend across all areas of the the company from tendering to project management

Most of the training is performed using our own developed Project Simulation Training Programme. More information about the programme is provided in the sub bar above.


The programme is used: 

  • to master standard agreements such as FIDIC, NEC, GCC, JBCC etc;

  • to master and test the understanding of bespoke agreements;

  • to test negotiated agreements before they are signed;

  • to align behaviour and communicate contract requirements to the project team;

  • to improve the negotiation skills of participants;

  • as a team building exercise;

  • to test competency levels of participants;

  • to identify future leaders;

  • as a guide for team make up for proposed actual projects

Our trainers are all leaders in their fields!